Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening treatment

Nowadays our food diet is filled with colorant and acidic food. The teeth tend to pay the price by acquiring a yellowish shade, stained to yellow teeth are a combined result of bad hygiene, acidic diet or by the product of smoking. In most cases it is possible to reverse the yellow shade with a teeth whitening.

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    הלבנת שיניים- הכט סמייל

    Does teeth whitening damage our teeth?

    NO. Numerous research has shown that teeth whitening is non-damaging treatment. On the contrary, some cases showed that whitening could strengthen our teeth and prevent caries. With our teeth whitening, you will reach amazing results thanks to our unique protocol.

    For how long will my teeth remain white?

    Our eating habits and way of life damage our teeth. Our teeth become stained as a result of bad hygiene. After teeth whitening your diet will determine the whitening’ longevity (usually up to a year).

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