Plastic Gum Surgery

Plastic-Aesthetic Gum Surgery

Our gums are the foundation of a beautiful smile, sometimes teeth are complete healthy, but due to an unbalance between the teeth and the gingiva, the smile is affected. Some other times due to an aggressive brushing, bad hygiene or after suffering from periodontal disease our smile can be affected due to lost of tissue.

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    ניתוח פלסטי לחניכיים- הכט סמייל

    At Hecht Smile we treat:

    Gummy smiles: those cases when the smile shows too much gingival tissue (gums), generally having short/ small teeth due to an overlap of tissue above the teeth. We can restore proper proportions by lengthening the teeth an eliminating the excess of tissue, having a balanced between the teeth and gums while smiling. Check out our before and after results of esthetic crown lengthening  sonrisa.

    Gingival Recessions: Due to an aggressive brush and bad care of the gums, the tissue can recess, showing part of the root, creating tooth sensibility due to root exposure and disharmonizing the length of the teeth. In Hecht Smile we treat gingival recessions with minimally invasive techniques.

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