Clear Orthodontics – Invisalign

Clear Aligners Orthodontics – Invisalign

Malocclusion, teeth crowding or bad positioning of teeth can be corrected thanks to Orthodontics (braces, wires and rubbers that allow us to to perform mechanical movements on the teeth towards the ideal position for a correct functioning and an esthetically pleasing smile). Nowadays it is possible to fix these problems thanks to a set of clear aligners.

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    These semi rigid plastics are design to move your teeth to the desired position with their continuous use and following a protocol of several aligners (the quantity of aligners depends on every patient).

    Those required an optimal use of twenty two hours per day, giving us the advantage of being removable when it comes to eat or brushing or teeth, so we can avoid the typical hygiene problems of traditional orthodontics (braces) moreover, since these aligners are completely clear or “invisible” at a social distance, we don’t compromise esthetics in the process of achieving an ideal smile.

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