שתלים דנטליים מודרנים

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry in the last years, thanks to a biocompatible piece, it is possible to restore lost teeth.

Ceramic Veneers

ציפוי חרסינה לשן

Thin layers of ceramic, similar to a “contact lenses” that allows us to modify form, size, color and till certain point even the position of the teeth.

Clear Orthodontics – Invisalign

ישור שיניים שקוף

Malocclusion, teeth crowding or bad positioning of teeth can be corrected thanks to Orthodontics (braces, wires and rubbers that allow us to to perform mechanical movements on the teeth towards the ideal position for a correct functioning and an esthetically pleasing smile).

Teeth Whitening

הלבנת שיניים- מרפאת הכט סמייל

Nowadays our food diet is filled with colorant and acidic food. The teeth tend to pay the price by acquiring a yellowish shade, stained to yellow teeth are a combined result of bad hygiene, acidic diet or by the product of smoking.

Digitally Designed Crowns

מרפאת הכט סמייל- טיפולי שיניים אסתטיים

A crown is usually made to protect the tooth that has undergone some trauma (for example: a fracture or after root canal treatment).

Plastic Gum Surgery

טיפולי שיניים אסתטיים- הכט סמייל

Our gums are the foundation of a beautiful smile, sometimes teeth are complete healthy, but due to an unbalance between the teeth and the gingiva, the smile is affected.

Smile Mock Up

טיפולי שיניים אסתטיים- הכט סמייל

Dental makeovers have a huge impact in the facial complex and since every master piece starts with a design blueprint.

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