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Hecht Smile is about creating custom smiles through an esthetic approach to dentistry. We take into consideration our clients individual facial and personality traits during the dental treatments and smile makeover design process During the process of designing dental treatments and smile makeovers, Hecht Smile takes into consideration the individual’s facial and personality traits.

The sole purpose of our clinic is to provide an excellent experience for our patients. We use state of the art equipment and the latest digital techniques. Our mission is to break old-fashioned stereotypes in dentistry while utilising minimally invasive methods to prolong longevity of our treatments.

Esthetic Dentistry involves a multidisciplinary approach to achieve excellence. Having an international team involved in the process improves the final outcome. That is why Hecht Smile works with the top dental technicians here in Israel and abroad (New York, Madrid and Brazil) in order to create natural looking beautiful smiles.

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    About Dr. Ilan Hecht

    Dr. Hecht received his dental degree from the Universidad Santa Maria in Venezuela. He is a Diplomate of the Colombian Society for Dental Aesthetics, Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Digital Smile Design Team. He also completed an Advance program for International Dentist in Esthetic Dentistry and Advance program for international Dentist in Periodontics at New York University (NYU) College of dentistry.

    Dr. Ilan Hecht brings us a new approach to smile makeovers and esthetic dentistry by the name of Hecht Smile. Where not only are the teeth being evaluated and treated, but the whole facial and smile complex, in order to enhance results. Following the principles of smile, Dr. Hecht creates a prototype that allows the patient to experience the desired result, before treatments begins.

    הכט סמייל

    About Dr. Nikol Hecht

    Dr. Nikol Hecht received her dental degree from the Universidad Santa Maria in Venezuela. She Continued her education by pursuing a post graduate specialization program in Implant Dentistry at the Universidade Positivo and Post Graduate specialization program in Dental Prosthetics from The Brazilian Association of Dentistry (ABO) both in Curitiba, Brazil.

    Dr. Nikol brigs us a new approach to Implant Dentistry by using guided implantology in which the procedure can be faster and more predictable, making emphasis on the dental prostheses with high aesthetics and proper function. When talking about dental implants it is of most importance that the outcome looks natural and with the best functionality. In order to achieve this Dr. Nikol Hecht uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology available worldwide.

    מרפאת שיניים בתל אביב- הכט סמייל
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